What payment options do you accept?

We currently accept MasterCard or Visa.

Can I sign up for just one quarter?

The subscription to use 941RExpress lasts 12 months from the date you register. For instance, if you sign up to use the system on April 13, 2017, you'll have access to the system through April 12, 2018. There is not an option to pay a lower amount to use the system for less time.

Can I upload files for multiple programs or Fiscal/Employer Agent EINs with a single subscription?


Can multiple people from my organization upload files?


Can multiple organizations share a subscription?

No. Each organization that uses 941RExpress must have its own subscription to the service.

How much does 941R Express cost?

941R Express is available as a 12-month subscription. Contact us for pricing. As a developer of technology solutions for mission-driven organizations, Annkissam’s goal has always been to make affordable, high-quality software, while supporting organizations that help individuals live independently. To that end, 941RExpress was provided free of charge when the new form was introduced in 2010 and until 2017.

Why are you charging for 941RExpress now?

When the IRS released an updated version of Schedule R (Form 941) in March 2017, Annkissam invested a significant amount into redesigning 941R Express in time for filing deadline of April 30, 2017. As we made a significant initial investment in the redesigned 941R Express for the new form and will have ongoing costs of provided the service, we have decided to charge a subscription fee to cover a small part of our costs and to help us continue to provide the support and service with 941R Express. With the expected number of organizations who will use 941R Express, the annual fee is expected to cover 5% of our total costs of providing the software.